Brandroot LLC

Brandroot is an online catalog of dotcom names from which startup entrepreneurs can choose brand names. Every brand name is supported by a professionally designed logo and is verified for availability. We make sure that domain names are relevant, original, and appeal to the current market scenario. With so much to worry about, we know that finding a good business name should be the least of your worries. Our brand names are ready to use and perfect for marketing. Brandroot is the virtual store where you can walk through online aisles and shop for brand names and domain names! If you cannot find a domain name for your business, we can help you buy a domain name. We’re also a domain name marketplace offering a platform to reliable and trustworthy sellers looking to sell their unique domain names. Call us at 1-866-932-7263 or send us an email at if you’re looking for a catchy business name, or interested in buying domain names for sale.