Brill Hygienic Products Inc.

Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is an American company that specializes in sanitary toilet seats. We were founded more than 25 years ago by Alan Brill and David Jablow. Since then, we have steadily built a reputation for quality and dependability. The Brill sanitary toilet seat cover system is now used in thousands of locations and that number is fast growing. Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is the only American manufacturer of hands-free, high-tech electronic sanitary toilet seats and sanitary plastic. We manufacture all of our seats and plastic personally. This enables us to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability and customer service. Our customers take sanitary toilet conditions seriously, and so do we. Brill’s reputation has made it the leader in sanitary toilet seat covers. Our products are now used in thousands of locations influding hospitals, airports, country clubs, casinos, offices, factories, schools, sporting arenas and more. The Brill name, in fact, is trusted all over the world for quality. When you need toilet seat covers to protect employees, customers, patients or the general public from germs and disease, you don’t want to cut corners. With health and safety on the line, serious protection is in order. When only the best sanitary toilet seat products will do, Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is there to help. The Brill Hands-Free Electronic Seat is designed to change toilet seat covers automatically. This occurs when either a hand is waved in front of a wall-mounted, hands-free sensor or a green button is pressed. The end result is a fresh, clean sanitary toilet seat cover set in place for each and every user. Brill toilet seat covers help prevent the spreading of germs on hands and the body when public restrooms are used. This can cut down on the spread of illness in clinical settings, prevent lost days in working scenarios and safeguard the public health. When Brill toilet seat covers are relied upon, our customers receive these benefits: Improved sanitary conditions – Public restrooms are the perfect gathering place for harmful germs and bacteria. When our sanitary toilet seat covers are used, the conditions improve. Users will enjoy lower exposure to unwanted germs. Lowered chance of accidental exposure – Our sanitary toilet seats prevent the need for users to touch anything to enjoy protection. This reduces the risk of germ exposure. Reduced restroom maintenance costs – Our automatic toilet seat covers don’t leave messes behind. This means restrooms are more likely to stay cleaner longer. Plus, there won’t be the waste and clogged toilets associated with paper covers. Improved customer service – Customers and patrons appreciate having access to clean and sanitary restroom facilities. The Brill sanitary toilet seat system lets customers know their health and comfort is a concern.