Established in 2008, The British & European Polygraph Association (BEPA) is the largest organisation of its type in Britain and Europe and it encourages professional polygraphers and those involved in the detection of deception, around the world to join our ever increasing numbers. BEPA examiners are highly qualified professionals who are motivated to help those who employ our services by verifying the truth, while following the highest standards of moral, ethical, and professional conduct. BEPA governs the conduct of its members by requiring adherence to a Code of Ethics and a set of Standards and Principles of Practice. To become a BEPA member, examiners must adhere to strict guidelines and educational requirements that include hundreds of hours of coursework at an accredited school, as well as an internship. As in many respected professions, BEPA members must acquire continuing education and training to maintain membership. It is this strict entry criterion and the monitoring of our membership that gives those employing our services the highest level of confidence.