After we talk about how we play human hamster ball and how to have a good time after the amazingly entertaining activity, there are some situation player should also know about and get prepared for the game. While in the hamster ball game, players will be experiencing the burst of dizziness for a few minutes, or a little uncomfortable disgust, sometimes headache, or unstop urge of screaming, and at last, player will be feeling some extreme thrill and excitement. And for some people, they feel nothing but extreme thrill and excitement all the time. After the hamster ball stops, players should be stopped walking for a few minutes to adjust themselves, and need to be hydrated. Human hamster ball is not really a new entertaining sport for present day, it has been popular for a quite a long time. It is quite an easy game to play, which would be being pushed and rolling down the hill inside the inflatable hamster ball, stumbling and spinning. And it can be played on a grass land, a playground and a flat and large clear place. And it is transparent, players will be seeing anything outside the ball, the vision will be clear, only if they can still be having time to watch instead of screaming and yelling. During the play, there will be feeling weightlessness and overweight. Besides, the price of the human hamster ball varies a lot, which will be ranging from $580 to $1900. And there will be different price with different material. Before you place an order, you can contact our staff freely and get the perfect hamster ball you need. Inflatable hamster ball is getting more and more popular, which means that more and more people are willing or even eager to get to know more about the human size hamster ball and play it themselves to experience the real excitement that human hamster ball would bring. It is pretty simple to play. Players need to lose their shoes and something sharp and get inside the ball, putting the safety bell strapped around the body. And with your friends or club staff’s a little push, you are good to go, literally. Players will be rolling down the hill and stumbling and spinning. They will be experience all kinds of feelings, including dizziness, uncomfortable feeling, headache, excitement, thrill and strong eager to scream and yell. If you wonder where can you get one yourself? You are in the right place!