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How Can I Get More Instagram Video Views? Most brands always wanted more ideas on their Instagram Video Views, but since now the number of views under each video is displayed publicly, the pressure is officially done. In the last one year, Instagram has increased the business of social media platforms so that business needs to be marketed. Visual-centric platform is known for its high engagement, and social videos are as important as they are on other platforms. Challenge brands are now focusing on how to get more Instagram video views. Fortunately, your Instagram videos are supported by some tested methods, data and case studies to promote ideas. Instagram followers or Instagram video views in these methods are not included in the purchase. It does not work and can harm your marketing efforts. Instead, we will look at four white hat practices that have proven effective for getting more Instagram video views. 1. Choose Relevant Hashtags Like Twitter, Instagram relies heavily on the use of hashtags and what tag tags from your Instagram video adds, it can affect direct views. A clever hacktag can actually be enough to encourage users to watch your videos. More importantly, the right hashtag will help you increase your reach and you can probably connect to new members of your target audience using the search feature. You can also use the hashtag to jump on branded trending topics and make videos. These topics can be found in a lot of searches, and you can provide great visibility at very fast. I do not recommend making videos around trends only, but using strategies to make video views run faster. With at least one hashtag, an average 12.6% more engagement is compared than those posted on Instagram, in 2015, the best post of top brands was an average of 2.5 hashtag posts. And assume whether or not the 70% instagram's most used hashtag has been branded hashtags. 2. Optimize Your Description Instagram is (and I'm assuming) will always have a high visual footage. When we scroll across the feed then it is about images and videos A common error I am looking to create brands, however, is not using description to attract users. This is especially important with video views; The description can actually convince the user to see them instead of scrolling past There are a few ways to customize your details that have been proven to increase the visibility of the video: Your description should be enough to capture interest, but not so long as the users do not feel the need to watch the video. This is like a blog post title. A video still provides more context than the image, so keep this in mind. However, many studies have shown that there is no specific best caption length. Test what works best for your audience. If your caption is long, then put the most important and attractive stuff before the "see more" button. In the more connective parts, use the line breaks in a long caption section. Use hashtags for more engagement (as explained above). Reference and tags of related users, especially affected people; This can increase your visibility at an average of 56%. Tommy Hilgiger's case study showed an increase of more than 3x video views compared to its average, while it puts a special effect and tag an impressive person. 3. Run Instagram Video Ads Instagram ads are not organic posts and they earn money money. But they are also a sure way to Get More Instagram Video Views Instantly. If you have a video in which you want to get a lot of eyes, then there is a way to run a "video view" campaign thanks to the wonderful targeting system of your shared Facebook ad, Instagram ads can also help in ensuring that Are those views relevant to the user. Instagram ads have been exceptionally effective since their release, LG has proved this when its Instagram Video Ads campaign saw the reach of 16 million relevant users and more than 1.7 million engagement. Though these were large numbers (and very expensive to get), SMB can repeat these results on their appropriate scale for their brands. Instagram is historically more engaged than other platforms. Compared to ecommerce brand ads, a CTR average is higher than Facebook. The initial video ad was deemed "highly effective" on the first release. Keep in mind that Instagram ads cost more than their Facebook counterparts, so spend your advertising carefully. 4. Schedule to Post at Peak Times When users are impressed to some extent on Instagram's algorithm by looking at our posts, scheduling the video to be live during peak time can still make a big difference. Since most posts are most engagement on Instagram content immediately after posting most posts, so knowing the timing of your audience's peak activities can increase your video views very quickly. Once you get a solid first stage of engagement, Instagram will boost the reach of your video, and the number of ideas will increase. here's the thing; You will need to know what is the peak posting time for your particular audience. These can actually vary widely from brand to brand According to a study, for example, the best time to post on Instagram is on Monday. Another was found that the worst day of the week (if a little bit) was on Monday. A fixture in all studies, although the specific times vary, it will give the best results to be posted on the afternoon and evening there is a general rule of thumb. You can learn more about how to find the best time to post for your brand here. You can quickly evaluate which posts are most engaged if you post similar content every day, using BuyLikesServices Instagram report, it will be easy to decide which day you will get the best results. If you examine the different time carefully, it's easy to see peak times during the day.