By Invitation Only

We make the whole process very simple, because we do most of the work for you! All you have to do is invite everyone you know and encourage others to bring their friends. Book a date and time. You can either visit us at the boutique as an appointment, or just let us know over the phone or email. We highly encourage you to visit us, though, because we love to meet our clients and get to know you better! We create the invites for you via Evite. This invitation program allows people to also forward the invitation to others. Also, the RSVPs are handled through the invite, so you can see who's coming! We provide all the appetizers and wine-tasting. It is highly encouraged to have your event booked in advanced and the RSVPs handled earlier, so we can staff and provide food appropriately. Show up! We suggest that the person who booked the event is there while it is happening, or another representative. Also, you could remind everyone that the more people buy, the more money that is donated to your group! Within two-three weeks after your event, expect a check in the mail! All we ask for is a receipt of donation from your organization (if you are a 501(c)3 entity. If not, that's fine, too!) That was easy, right? In addition to the money we donate, we also offer a list of services post-event dependent on the funds raised. We offer printing of marketing materials, video of the event, video interviews, gift certificates, social media trainings, thank-you cards sent to your attendees, among many others! Contact us today to get a complete list of the donation and event services.