California Drought

We want to start an important pilot program in Southern California. We choose a location at Lake Elsinore CA. Our plan is to start the execution of his project in December, 2015. However, we need to raise $56,000 to meet all financial requirements to conduct the pilot program. The problem: What is our current critical problem? Our drinking water will run out! The press: “California drought forcing some families to live in 'Third-World-type conditions'”. Ranchers look toward his cattle’s, grazing on a barren hillside. Their herds are forced to search the parched hills for the dwindling vegetation as California endures a fourth year of drought. The population prays: "God, give us water so we don't have to move". "God, please fill up our tank, so we don't run out of water." One solution: Air is the key to the solution for this problem. It is almost inexhaustible and even in the desert can it retain huge amounts of water: Location: Not only California is concerned. Also the neighboring states Arizona and New Mexico complain substantially longer about water shortage. Not at least the south west of the US is concerned. The whole world is concerned and may hide no longer behind the water problem. To be off grid, we can install our plant virtually everywhere on the world. The pilot project in California: We are planning a demonstration project (pilot project) that uses a well-established method to extract water from air. As it is operated by solar and wind energy, the installation is 100 % off-grid. It is completely independent of grid power and can therefore be installed virtually everywhere. This is a non-profit project. Its main purpose is to show how we can produce potable water through simple means. Why Lake Elsinore (Riverside County)? Why California? As a member of the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) in CA, further I am in contact with the Planning Department of Riverside County. Cause the chosen site is outside of City land and therefore the Department of Riverside is responsible. Further we got quoted a pre-application from an independent agency, which is necessary for the permit-application at the County. Not least according to the political partners and the contacts to the County we chosen this place and site, further the infrastructure tolerates a reliable realization of this plan. I will manage the project on the site by myself. All the other works we outsource it to the delivery companies which providing us with certified workers (solar, fence, electrical equipment etc.).