CandidateZip is a resume automation plugin that requires no technical skills and almost no set-up time, CandidateZip provides a unique service on a plugin platform. Resume parsing within your own CRM or ATS as a completely automated process has the power to change how recruiters function in their day to day lives. One of its kind in the Recruiting Industry, it is the only application that allows recruiters to upload the resumes from sources like Gmail, google drive, drop box etc. and receive output in their existing ATS/CRM applications cutting down the labor of programming. The company has partnered with Zapier, an (iPaaS) provider, that serves as an integration platform to 4000 plus apps like Salesforce, Nimble, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn and much more. CandidateZip is startup based out of the Silicon Valley.