We follow a multi-disciplinary team approach. Acting as your quarterback, Capstone directs the players in implementing a game winning strategy. For one turnkey fee, Capstone will retain and directly compensate all the players needed to analyze, design and implement an appropriate alternative risk strategy for your business, and keep you up to date on important captive insurance developments. Your multi-disciplinary Capstone Team includes: Risk management & insurance professionals: * Reinsurance providers * Regulatory, tax, corporate, & financing lawyers * Resident domicile managers * Independent auditors * Administrative personnel * CPAs specializing in insurance accounting Your Capstone team takes alternative risk planning from thought to finish, from the conceptual through the operational and, even one day, through the most efficient shut down of your captive. Capstone's "cradle to grave" captive services ensure that the many moving parts of captive insurance and alternative risk administration and planning happen as called for, without the necessity of you establishing your own risk management department. The result is that a planning tool historically reserved for large corporations is now available to the middle market. This enables your company's management team to concentrate on your core business and not be distracted by matters that are best outsourced. Capstone brings middle market captive planning to your company at an affordable price, becoming "your outsourced captive insurance management team." It's no wonder Capstone's clients call our services "CAPTIVating."