Cedrone & Mancano, LLC

Cedrone & Mancano, LLC was formed by two prominent Philadelphia trial lawyers to represent clients in criminal and civil litigation both regionally and nationally. Both Mark E. Cedrone and Joseph D. Mancano bring skills honed over decades of experience to resolve their clients’ most challenging legal problems. We are exceptional advocates respected by clients, peers, and adversaries and ranked among the best lawyers in local and national publications. Although we are experienced trial lawyers, we are equally adept at negotiating non-trial dispositions when doing so serves our clients’ best interests. Clients come to us to resolve their most daunting legal challenges. We have represented a wide range of individual and institutional clients including corporate executives and business owners, multi-national corporations, pharmaceutical companies, banks, manufacturing firms, universities, physicians, lawyers, accountants, securities brokers, public and union officials, and government contractors. Often our clients have matters where civil litigation intersects with criminal investigations and regulatory compliance issues. Our skills and experience enable us to successfully manage the challenges faced by clients who are simultaneously facing legal challenges on multiple fronts. Our firm is committed to a standard of excellence in the service of our clients. We consistently apply our exceptional judgment, skill, and experience to achieve the best results for our clients. Cedrone & Mancano’s broad-based practice encompasses four core areas: sophisticated criminal defense; tax litigation and controversy; complex commercial litigation; and regulatory enforcement. We recognize that in many instances clients face issues where practice areas intersect, and we pride ourselves on being able to navigate multi-disciplinary problems/issues. Our team possesses the education and experience necessary to understand each client’s legal, professional, and business concerns. Our professionals include: a former Assistant United States Attorney; a former law clerk for the United States Tax Court, who holds a degree in and has taught college level accounting; and a former law review editor. Over a combined 70 years of practice, we have successfully represented clients in a wide array of investigations and audits, at trials and post-trial proceedings, and through multiple regulatory processes.