To create a drug-free society we need only to cure existing addicts whilst ensuring that no more youngsters take up drug usage. This means developing and promoting EFFECTIVE prevention and EFFECTIVE cures. C.E.P.T.A. came into being when studies revealed that effective prevention and treatment had already existed in various countries for over 50 years, but were being suppressed in Europe, not only by producers and traffickers of illicit drugs, but also by commercial interests whose production levels and profitability depend upon increasing the sale of all forms of drugs, with no regard to the increasing number of addicts thus threatening our society. C.E.P.T.A. (The Campaign for the Effective Prevention & Treatment of Addiction) was therefore founded by concerned E.U. citizens for the purpose of contradicting and exposing vested interest political lobbying and misleading P.R. campaigns which deliberately hide the failure to cure of current psycho-pharmaceutical “treatments” whilst also promoting drug liberalisation via so-called “harm reduction” and related “drugs education” - instead of providing real prevention training.