Certi-Pik, USA

Certi-Pik, USA is the nation’s premier manufacturer of cotton harvester parts, focusing on fabricating replacement parts for picking units in a variety of capacities. The company offers a broad list of specialty items and sheet metal parts for rebuilding units, including camtracks, drumheads, spindles and spindle nuts, picker and grid bars, slip clutches, lubrication hoses, stalk lifters, idler gears, CTX scrapping plates, CTX pressure doors and more. In business since 1988, Certi-Pik, USA has a depth of experience regarding both John Deere and Case IH Cotton Harvesters. Serving a global market that includes Greece, South Africa, Spain, South America, Australia, Israel and all of North America, the company is a Better Business Bureau accredited business and a member of the Federation of Independent Business.