Champion School

Champion school's unique child centered approach is redefining what world-class education should be like. According to Clayton Christenen, the best selling author of author of Innovator's Dilemma, "The current (education) system forces all students to learn the same material within the same time frame. That stalls the progress of advanced students while leaving others behind." At Champion School, a child's abilities are not underestimated and the uniqueness of every child's abilities is nurtured via a customized plan, unshackled from a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to education. This child centered approach has resulted in academic progress that is 2-3 grade levels more advanced than a student at a typical school, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. For example, it is not uncommon for 100% of continuing fourth graders in a given school year to start learning JAVA programming and learn either Pre-Algebra or Algebra-1. These subjects are often not introduced in most schools until 7th or 8th grade. Much of this is possible because at Champion, each student receives an unparalleled level of extra help in school, while receiving less than half the typical amount of homework. Champion students also participate in a broad set of co-curricular activities and hands on projects to foster their creative, problem solving, strategic thinking, communication, and leadership skills.