Chanderi Cotton Saree

October/05/2020 India is known for its rich culture and unique people. Indians have that distinct culture that sets them aside the rest. India is known for a lot of things, and one of them is the country’s distinct fashion, particularly the Indian saree. India is known for its colorful diversity of culture and tradition. Different states have their exclusive clothing attire that makes it popular. Sarees being the national clothing of India, each state has its own style of sarees which makes India famous on the global fashion platform. The Indian sarees is a unique blend of both traditional and contemporary designs. It is true that sarees are known to be the traditional wear of Indian women in addition to Salwar Kameez and lehenga cholis. The saree is worn by women throughout India and outside of India where Indians have migrated over many decades. It is also sometimes referred to as a sari. The Indian saree is essentially a length of unstitched cloth which can range from three metres to eight metres in length and is wrapped around the waist. The pallu which is the end of the saree is elegantly draped over the ladies shoulder. Indian sarees has been traditional, and a beloved dress of Indian women. Majority of women in India wear sarees no matter of which class they are, it is there national dress as well so a special importance is given to it. Sarees are now sold in market of vast variety of range, of different fabrics, light and dark, heavy and light, simple and glossy and many much kinds of it are found in the market. Asian women love sarees and many of them have a vast collection of it. The Indian saree has never lost its allure over the centuries. Even after the advent of western casual and formal wear, an Indian woman is still fascinated by saree. Known as poetry in fabric, the saree is popular as it accentuates a woman’s gracefulness and hides all flaws of the figure. When it comes to looking smart and elegant while exhibiting the beauty of Indian outfits, there is nothing more stunning than traditional Chanderi sarees. Suitable for almost every occasion, Sarees are perfect for traveling, home, office, and social gatherings. Chanderi saree, the most elegant traditional Indian attire, defines the beauty of a woman, bringing out her grace and elegance, reflecting the true essence of an Indian woman. Available in plain, printed, heavily embroidered, dyed, saree has got a grace that’s beyond comparison. Right from the period of Indus Valley Civilization we get sufficient evidences indicating the tradition of wearing Sarees as an age old custom prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. There are different kinds of Sarees available in various fabrics for every occasion. About US: Handloom Trends is a Manufacturer Of Chanderi Handloom And Blocks Prints Saree, Suits, and Dupatta with Chanderi Experts Weaver, creator of Quality Luxury Indian Handlooms since 2012. Our team of Weavers, Artisans, Printers spend countless hours creating exclusive latest designs with love, passion and precision. We Use Always Premium Quality Zari And Dying Nutural Colors Only. Handloom Trends Make Chandekri sarees are produced from three kinds of fabric: Pure Silk, Chanderi Cotton and Silk Cotton. The Saree is among the finest in Madhya Pradesh India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk. Handloom Trends Provide of Worldwide Shipping with Fast Courier And COD Service. Contact US: Handloom Trends Email: Phone: 08251846665 Address: 07, H-Sectore, Mayur Vihar Colony, Near Koshalya pink Heritage Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462023 India