Chapel Haven

We value the individual. We recognize the uniqueness of each person with whom we work and that though our mission remains constant, we must tailor our services to the individual in order to promote maximum success. We also understand that the individual’s needs change over time and therefore we offer a continuum of flexible supports designed to meet those needs throughout life. We help the individuals we serve create their own networks of support that include our staff as well as family, friends, other service providers, and community resources. We encourage the individuals we serve to use these supports to help them take risks and make their own choices as they seek independence. We view our role in the lives of the individuals we serve as that of a guide. We provide education and assistance to ensure that they can make informed decisions based on an understanding of a range of options. We appreciate that independence, more than living on one’s own, means having the freedom to pursue a life of fulfillment and define for oneself what that fulfillment means. We provide our services in support of that pursuit.