Chaplain Life

Chaplain Life, founded by a chaplain for chaplains, materializes the importance of caring for the human spirit. Founder Sharondalyn Y. DuPree, also known as Chaplain Sharon, desired to create a brand that encompasses the experiences of chaplains in all fields, from health care to military to corporate settings. The brand seeks to offer apparel with messages that honor, celebrate, inspire and educate. Inspired through experience and work with hospice chaplains and an interdisciplinary team of nurses, aides, social workers and physicians, Chaplain Sharon brings to you Chaplain Life. Through T-shirts, gifts and apparel, the brand will celebrate chaplains and expand to those served and lifted through the service. Chaplain Sharon also hopes to dismantle misconceptions about chaplaincy. It is of utmost importance to her to connect and highlight diverse chaplains and their work around the globe. For additional information on Chaplain Life, please visit