eZOO is a new paradigm shift in the way of displaying animals in zoos and aquariums by fascinating multimedia audiovisual technologies and, obviously, without captivity. Besides eZOO will allocate 50% of its profit to the protection of biodiversity in reserves, sanctuaries and national parks. eZOO is a transmedia project that also have other initiatives such as: The eZOOns. The eZOOns are the eZOO cartoons. Thanks to the existence of The eZOOns, children will be immersed in the eZOO world, supporting the protection and conservation of biodiversity, from an early age. The eZOOns will be available in different formats: soft toys, video games, books, toys, etc. The first release of The eZOOns is: Cheempo. The first appearance of Cheempo is a pack with a soft toy and extra content of the habitat where chimpanzees live through Augmented Reality via your smartphone or tablet. 50% of sales will provide financial support for the Jane Goodall Institute, a foundation that protects chimpanzees in distress worldwide. With special emphasis on the Tchimpounga rehabilitation center the JGI has in Congo and the chimpanzee research & conservation projects in Senegal.