Cheerobics® is the leading provider of cheerleading fitness education, and our goal with INTENSITYTM is to help cheerleaders be better athletes and to empower coaches to get a better understanding of applied sports science and fitness development for their teams. We stand for cheerleading as a sport, regardless of whether it's on the sidelines or on the competition mat. All cheerleaders are athletes. Cheerobics® was born when Jessica Zoo created its first fitness programme in 2011, aimed at bringing cheerleading to all ages and levels with a cheerleading dance workout for anyone that wants to be fit, be a cheerleader, and shake some pom poms. It brings together the high-impact and sculpting moves of aerobics, designed for adults to keep up with their fitness whilst taking part in an exhilarating activity. Since then, Cheerobics® has developed a number of other classes and products aimed to initiate beginners into cheerleading (both adults and children), deliver fitness conditioning for competitive cheerleaders, as well as providing cheerleading choreography on demand, and cheerleading courses for teachers via an online store. Cheerobics® is fully dedicated to the development and welfare of cheerleaders worldwide.