ChefsTemp brings cutting edge technology to your kitchen and grill with a premiere product suite that makes cooking to the perfect temperature easy every time. Our intuitively designed products complement professional, home-grown chefs, BBQ connoisseurs, and kitchen enthusiasts. ChefsTemp designs for the high-end professional and gourmet chef, but now the secret is out! With a whole new suite of state-of-the-art, tech forward, yet user friendly cooking-companion products, ChefsTemp's innovative and highly accurate products are a new staple to your kitchen ensemble. ChefsTemp premiere product, the Finaltouch X10 professional grade digital meat thermometer has been rigorously engineered to help Chefs cook with new precision. You’ll get highly accurate temperature readings conveniently displayed on a rotating surface. The Finaltouch X10’s user-friendly functionality, magnetic backing, and automatic power help you keep cooking without missing a beat. The ever-bright light, extra-long battery life, and waterproof casing make it ready for any cooking challenge. With precise readings in 2 – 3 seconds, you'll achieve the perfect temperature every time.