Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting & Movement

Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting & Movement trains and develops professional and aspiring actors. The Studio provides a curriculum of dynamic acting classes and intensives designed to open, strengthen, and liberate the actor's body and mind. Courses and workshops focus on the convergence of thorough physical and vocal training at all times connected to the emergence of character, the consistent playing of dramatic or comic action, and the revelation of images, thoughts, and feelings in improvisation or within a text. Clisam acting, movement and improv classes allow participants to bounce ideas off others, and expand creativity, while receiving constructive criticism. This feedback will help one analyze what works and what does not, as well as improve listening skills so one may better react during a scene. Clisam studio and teachers create the environment in which students can safely experiment and grow from the experiences without fear of humiliation or judgement. Clisam provides classes in Lecoq and Chekhov tecniques, as well as in improvisation, movement, Feldenkrais, that will enrich performances due to individualized and ispirational teaching. You are welcome to come and learn among professionals and friends in a safe, creative, and rewarding environment. Sign up for FREE Demo Classes. This Fall the studio offers: Professional Development Studio (PDS) Tailored to the needs of partecipants and emphasizes individual development, improvement, and excellence in the craft of acting. Developing audition material, character routines, scenes, new material, etc. Comic Acting Built on a brand of comedy fashioned by character choices and tempered by the actor's personality, participants create their own comic character. Acting for Stage and Screen Based on Chekov and Lecoq tecniques synthetized in a unique, pratical approch. Neutral Mask Open to all who are interested in (re)discovering the neutral state - that place where preconceptions, judgements, and biases are unknow. From there character can be constructed on a clean canvas with fresh vision, clear hearing, and direct action. Improvisation Designed for students of theatre, film and television. Also this Fall, Clisam offers excellent courses for teens that aspire to learn more about the stage and screen. Don't miss the Neutral Mask and Movement for Teens or Acting for Teens (levels 1 and 2). Each course is specifically tailored to inspire and instruct young adults in acting technique, which includes structured improvisations, character naunces, and much more. Private Coaching available Special Fall 2012 Event: Commedia dell'Arte Workshop with guest master teacher Lydia Biondi . Masks and scenarios (sketches from which actors build their performances) will be used. WWW.CLISAM.COM follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, to sign up for a Free Demo Class, to register for courses email us: