Chernoff Law

Ed Chernoff founded Chernoff Law in 1991, after spending time in the Harris County District Attorney's Office as the lead ADA on over 70 jury cases. With over 25 years of experience as a Texas Board of Legal Specialization certified criminal defense attorney, Mr. Chernoff has gained a profound understanding both criminal case law and courtroom procedure. Although based in Houston, Chernoff Law represents clients throughout the country. Mr. Chernoff believes that everyone deserves a high quality defense, and he is passionate about delivering this to his clients. Through his experienced and diligent work as a criminal defense trial lawyer, he holds the record for the quickest acquittal in the Southern District of the United States Courts, having obtained an acquittal for his client in just 15 minutes. If you have been charges with a crime, call Chernoff Law for a case evaluation. We represent clients that have been charged with DWI, domestic violence, theft crimes, drug crimes, harassment, juvenile crime, fraud, internet crimes, sex crimes, murder and manslaughter, as well as many other felony and misdemeanor charges.