Chester Paul Company

In 1948, the Chester Paul Company started all thanks to a handshake. Chester P. Caughron took a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel where he made a deal to distribute one product line throughout Southern California. Now 70 years later, the Chester Paul Company still operates in a friendly handshake manner at the same original Glendale location. Mr. C taught his employees how to value service and with that ideal, the company was able to evolve into what it is today. Our family owned company has held the same values since 1948 and we intend to continue this for generations to come. We distribute over 50 product lines and are globally recognized for our service and leadership in the industry. We strive to treat our customers, vendors, and employees in a friendly, warm manner and recognize that without these relationships, we would not be where we are today. The Chester Paul Company aims to become a one-stop shop for professionals. As a part of the Water Quality Association and the Pacific Water Quality Association, we not only care deeply about the water purification industry but are a part of the conversation. Our social responsibility is to keep the community informed about the latest water projects. In addition, our competitive pricing, generations of knowledgeable staff members, and wide inventories are just some of our company’s characteristics that make us stand out from the rest.