In 2009, my perception of mental and emotional abuse was forever changed after witnessing firsthand the devastating effects and personal turmoil it was bringing to two children close to my heart. It saddened me that I was unable to rescue these children or even provide funding to help them. Instead of getting bitter about the situation I set out to do something about it. Collaborating with my best friend and daughter, we began researching different avenues and options we could take to help other children break from the shackles of mental and emotional abuse.  In our research, we came across material on how to file for a corporation and how to file for a 501(c) (3) non-profit entity and a spark was ignited. Despite banter from others that this process would take at least a year or more, on February 5, 2010, only three months after we started, God opened a door and we had an incorporated, non-profit organization, Children 4 Tomorrow. This process was a true test of faith and a challenge to our spirit. Armed with only $500.00, the common love for children, a passionate vision and a bedroom as our headquarters, we were able to persevere and create this organization aimed at bringing education and support to the community. Although we were ecstatic to serve two children our first year, we regrettably had to turn down five other children due to lack of financing. This was devastating to our organization and an eye opener to the battle ahead. But we were up for the challenge. A strong emphasis was placed on formulating a strong fundraising campaign in hopes to serve more children. Within four months we planned and held our first major event; a Charity Golf Tournament and Silent Auction that will become a staple of this organization and an annual fundraising event. In our first year as an organization, we raised approximately $9,000.00 which was better than the loss we were told to expect. In 2011, we plan to raise funds to serve 20 children with an increase growth of 50% per year thereafter. Our challenge is to find volunteers, sponsors, and employees that are compassionate and committed to helping every child have a sunrise in their heart, a twinkle in their eye and illuminate with hope. Three years later we have made an impact in our city and community. However there are still so many children whose lives have been and still are significantly affected by life-threatening child abuse.  Our efforts are far from complete.  Every single day in this city children are victims to child abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Nevertheless with our present team of board members, volunteers, financial and organizational resources we are hopeful, and our passionate vision marches on.