Chris Copenhagen

At Chris Copenhagen, we produce some exclusive and high quality fashion watches that always have a very minimalistic design which is classic for the Scandinavian people. All the watches are designed in Denmark and delivered with a unique story behind each of them. In the watches you will always see that position 10 has a special place in our hearts, so in each collection that are being produced you will always see that the number is in a special focus one way or another. We always want to highlight the many small details around the watches which includes e.g. the straps, the buckle and also the backside of the watch case. One of the main reason to our success is found in our significantly high margin we offer to our business partners, who would like to resell our watches in their shops or online. So far, we haven’t found any other companies in our industry who offers a better discount or margin that what we do, so feel free to contact us if you want to become a dealer or distributor.