Cleanily Limited

Same Cleaner Each Visit This allows your cleaner to get into a routine as they become familiar with your property. It’s also nice to know exactly who’s cleaning your home! All Jobs Timed & GPS Tracked Cleaners start and finish all jobs via our custom built app. GPS co-ordinates are cross referenced against your property’s address with start/finish times logged. Checked Vetted & Insured We only take applications from cleaners with a demonstrable track record in cleaning. We are insured by a specialist, allowing your cleaner to hold spare keys. Dedicated Help Cleaning is not like booking a taxi. It is a highly personal service requiring human input. You can always speak to your dedicated help by phone, SMS or email. Simple Automated Payments No need to leave money or set up direct debits. Our pay as you go online system automatically bills you 24 hours after your clean, and emails you a receipt. No Contract Or Penalties Most other cleaning companies will insist upon a minimum term - so no matter what, you’re tied in. We don’t believe this is fair, so we don’t do it!