The leading provider of fog-free mirrors for the shower and vanity. Electric heated shower mirrors that gently warm to 102°F and eliminate condensation. Allows for complete visabilty in steamy bathrooms. Thousands of people around the country have experienced ClearMirror products in the finest homes, hotels, watercraft and recreation vehicles. Shower ClearMirror™ A permanent fog-free mirror that designers and remodelers use to enhance the look of tiled showers with a flush installation. It offers in-shower shaving convenience and modern technology for everything from residential bathrooms to spas to luxury resorts. Save time by shaving and removing makeup in the warmth of the shower, and offering a beautiful finished look. The back of the mirror contains an ultra-thin heating pad with electrical leads that are easily connected to a low-voltage system or switched outlet. ShowerLite™ A flush mounted, LED backlit, fog-free mirror that helps homeowners and hotel guests to perform daily tasks like shaving and facial applications in the warmth of the shower. ShowerLite is an adaptation of the popular Shower ClearMirror, an innovative fog-free in-shower mirror. Its ultra-thin light source and heater allows the mirror to install flush with the tile or solid surround, opening up countless design possibilities. ShowerLite features patented technology with side-lit LED light panels and a specially designed heating pad that easily connects to a low-voltage system or a switched outlet. Original ClearMirror™ ClearMirror’s flagship product, the Original ClearMirror heating pad, was introduced in 1998, and is perfect for people who share a bathroom in the mornings. Adhered behind an existing vanity mirror, the heating pad keeps the vanity mirror fog-free while one person showers and the other person needs a fogless reflection.