Clodura is an AI-powered lead generation platform. It empowers the sales team to generate highly targeted sales-qualified leads. Customers get unlimited access to clean B2B prospect data of more than 220 million contacts and 15 million companies. With more than 60 million direct dial numbers it gives the team the power to reach out to prospects faster. Clodura provides access to the world's largest database of 600M with the Clodura chrome extension. Clodura's actionable sales intelligence triggers and the automated sales cadence leverage the ability to book qualified meetings and grow revenue twice-fold. Winning sales teams around the world use Clodura to target their Total Addressable Market effectively and accelerate their sales. Clodura provides a comprehensive calling feature that integrates with users’ CRM and adds tasks and follow-ups. Tracking leads and strategizing the next step with actionable insights at one’s disposal is seamlessly incorporated into Clodura’s platform. Clodura.AI also provides 95% accuracy on emails and direct-dials whose database is frequently updated. Users can connect to their leads effortlessly within minutes thus saving endless time reaching the appropriate contacts. With Clodura, users get technographic information of companies that includes installing base intelligence for 15,000+ technologies allowing them to map customers’ tech landscape to their offerings.