ClubHack Magazine

In India we were waiting to see any 'hacking' magazine to happen and the wait was getting little longer. So finally ClubHack decided to come up with its own 1st Indian "Hacking" Magazine called CHmag. We at ClubHack aremore than thrilled about the magazine and this fits into our main objective of making hacking and information security a common sense for a commn man. Moving further we need a lot of help form the whole information security community of the country to make this a success This magazine is divided into the following sections: 0x00 Tech Gyan of the month 0x01 Legal Gyan of the month 0x02 Tool Gyan of the month 0x03 Command Line Gyan of the month 0x04 Mom's Guide of the month 0x05 Awareness Poster of the month We hope to add a lot of sections in future, all we need is input from you as to what you would like to see in your magazine