Coastline Cycle Company

Welcome to Coastline Cycle Company. We are a new bicycle brand based in Huntington Beach California, founded by two friends and cycling fanatics with a dream. With over 25 years of cycling industry experience, Coastline Cycle Co was formed to bring fun, innovation and reliability to new levels in bicycle manufacturing. Our roots in cycling run deep and span everything from working in bike shops to managing global customer service operations for major manufacturers. We will use our extensive hands on experience with the good, the bad and the ugly of the bike biz to distill a product that is pure and clear in its purpose. We have one goal, one vision, one dream. To make the bike that you deserve. We are working frantically to bring our first bike to you in early 2016. We will be crowdfunding the first model and look forward to sharing our bikes with everyone as well as show you our vision for using the bicycle to make the world a little better place to be. Ride On! Chad and Brady – Coastline Cycle Co