Colorado Medical Waste, Inc.

The patented process of waste disposal developed by Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. ensures no contamination of air, soil or water, and replaces antiquated heat and energy intensive technologies. The company is able to achieve 90 percent volume reduction, allowing tons of medical waste streams to be eliminated from landfills, incinerators and hazardous waste facilities. The company deals with various types of sensitive waste materials, including but not limited to: biological waste, blood and blood borne pathogen waste, cultures and stocks, expired medications, isolation and miscellaneous waste, laboratory waste, non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste, sharps containers and trace chemotherapeutic waste. A member of the Colorado Association for Recycling, the Colorado BioScience Association and Conservation Colorado, Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. strives to always adhere to OSHA and HIPAA standards, ensuring complete safety and patient confidentiality.