Connected Mind

Connected Mind replaces traditional mental health screening. Using Fast Check technology, Connected Mind is able to screen for the 6 most common mental health conditions simultaneously; most of the time in under one minute. By providing Doctors with a Mental Health Profile on their patients before they enter the exam room, Connected Mind helps Doctors give better care in far less time than traditional methods. Connected Mind has a team of serial entrepreneurs with years of SaaS and Healthcare experience and is poised for significant growth in an industry desperate to find solutions. Connected Mind uses FAST Check technology to quickly triage primary care patients for mental health conditions while they wait to be seen. Most patients complete the process in under a minute. For those that require further questioning, our intelligent system automatically builds and administers a personalized interview for up to 6 mental health conditions, including risks of suicide. It is fully patient led and takes place on an iPad or Android device, or a link can be sent to the patient for remote screening. The doctor is instantly given a profile of the patient’s mental health before they enter the exam room, requiring no additional questions. Connected Mind is like nothing else on the market, and it is billable to most major insurance, including medicare, so doctors get paid for their work.