Contactous Pte Ltd

We uncover quality leads and relationships in your organization by providing clean and organized data from all business cards. The business cards received by your organization are a result of various marketing programs, campaigns and handshakes. They contain valuable information. But these cards remain with individual employees and groups. Contactous puts this important data together with high accuracy and works like an internal LinkedIn for your organization. According to surveys, 12% of average department budget is wasted due to incorrect contact data. Contactous reduces this wastage and works towards converting this data to revenue. With Contactous, your business gets: - Accurate data from all business cards which is transcripted by us manually - Simple mechanism to collect business cards from remote employees, channel partners, contractors, events, trade shows and campaigns - Functionality - rich business contact management system which can be customized to your operations - Quality and error free mailing lists in a short time - Relationship intelligence of who knows who within your accounts Studies estimate that it takes $100 to live with an incorrect contact record in the system, $10 to correct it just after it enters the system and $1 to prevent it entering the system in the 1st place. Contactous addresses it (and much more) for less than $0.20 per record for your entire organization.