aims to provide consumers, business owners and others with the opportunity to quickly search over 100 legal categories (in the states and cities of their choice) and quickly identify potential attorneys and law firms in those cities and legal categories who have previously agreed to consider taking legal cases on a contingency fee basis. Although there is no guarantee any attorney will take a case on contingency, this web directory resource will help individuals identify contingency fee lawyers that may be able to assist. For attorneys and law firms, the online web directory provides the opportunity to reinvent their legal practices in these tough economic times. Many consumers, individuals, employees, and business owners still need legal services, but these people may not have the funds they once had to pay legal and attorney fees. As a result, we believe attorneys and law firms should give consideration as to whether it is time to reinvent their legal practices to address the current financial crisis and economic realities that affect so many people and companies. This crisis may well continue through to the next decade. Attorneys can also use to advertise to other attorneys that they pay referral fees and/or joint representation fees, which can be a valuable business generation tool when looking to give and receive potentially lucrative legal referrals with other legal professionals. Please investigate our web opportunity at Our website is an “exclusive directory” as we allow only a maximum of 10 Attorneys to be listed in each city/legal category. You will not get lost in a sea of crowded web-links on our website. The time has come for attorneys and consumers to “Explore Your Legal Options” by logging onto at We also offer custom law blogs for Attorneys, samples of which can be viewed at CONTACT INFORMATION 2415 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 700 Phoenix, Arizona, 85016 Toll Free (888) 600-1777