CP & Sons Tree Service

The Pulido family has lived in the greater Los Angeles area for over 45 years, including Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, and Culver city areas. The Pulidos were first introduced to arboriculture by helping friends and neighbors maintain their yards on weekends. However, the weekend pursuit soon turned into a full-time family tree service?as the Pulidos discovered that they had a real passion and love for arboriculture. Shortly after, the Pulido family founded CP and Sons Tree Service, INC. The Pulido family decided to start offering their expert tree cutting service?to the public in the 1990s and soon found their hard work and dedication made them a very sought-after company. CP and Sons Tree Service quickly developed a reputation as talented, reliable ?top-notch tree service? providers encouraging them to expand their business to? include tree removal service? and?tree trimming service.?? The Pulidos made it their mission to grow CP and Sons Tree Service by building real relationships and providing?expert tree service?to their clients.?They attribute the growth and success of their company to their clients and to always being? fair ?and doing the right thing. “Honesty and trustworthiness have been a huge part of our success and we owe everything to our client relationships. Without them, we would be out work.”??? The Pulidos have developed a reputation in their community and among their clients as being trustworthy and providing ?expert tree service. ?Any? local tree service? or project that CP and Sons Tree Service undertakes is approached with complete respect. The Pulidos are dedicated to treating each house and neighborhood they visit as if it were their own. CP and Sons Tree Service has solidified itself as an indispensable part of the? local tree service? community in Los Angeles. They continue to push forward and elevate the standards of arboriculture in their community as well as pushing the standards of ethics and customer service. Their? expert tree cutting service? has expanded to ?include tree removal service,? tree trimming service, ?and? tree pruning service.