Creative Micro Systems

Industrial 3G Wireless Router are a range of high-speed routers designed for highly demanding industrial environments. They provides a reliable connection between different types of network and are able to transfer data at very high speeds. Creative Micro Systems is well known manufacturers Communication Solution For Power Management the company what manufacturers are which adopts industrial high-performance and embedded structure, and it is widely used in industrial control, 3G Wireless Router technology makes it possible to establish wireless connections in remote locations for primary or backup data communication.Welcome to cmsgp available at india/bangalore we can help you to build innovative, efficient and affordable Communication Solution the products what we manufacture For Power Management designed to integrate the communications interfaces used in a broad range of industrial systems we also supply Transformer Monitoring Using Gsm where a set of tools used to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of generation and transmission systems. Kindly visit our website at to browse through our products. You can purchase our products through the website as well.