Studies conducted all over America indicate that the major reason behind increasing number of people going into credit card debts is because they have gone in for the wrong credit card. When a person decided to go in for a credit card, it is not just enough to go in for any credit card. But it is crucial that they choose the one that suits them the best be it with respect to the fees that they need to pay for it, the perks it gives or their purchase behavior. The following article aims to give you some tips to ensure that you go in for the right credit card. • Analyze your current financial position thoroughly and budget your expenses in detail before you go in for credit card to find out how much you can pay towards your credit card bill. • Get your credit score and find out which category of credit you belong to because there are different cards for different categories. • Check out what sort of rewards you may be looking for because not all credit cards offer the same set of rewards and it would be sensible to go in for the credit card which has the reward that will benefit you and ones that you are likely to use. • If you travel a lot by air or road then you would definitely benefit from owning an Airlines Miles or a Gas Credit Card. • If you have poor credit scores and wants to have a credit card just for the sole purpose of improving you credit scores then go in for a card that will guarantee you that. • Try to find out why you want a credit card in the first place so that you can go in for a card that suits your purpose. • Read the fine print of the credit card in detail so that you can find out any costs. • Most people default or make late payments and go beyond their credit limits at some point of time or the other so make sure that you find out what the punitive fees are like. • Reward cards generally charge you high annual fees so be ready to pay such humongous amounts only if the rewards are proportionally attractive. • Offers don’t last forever so don’t be taken in by the 0 APR thing and look at the picture beyond that. Remember that the trick is not to go in for a credit card but to find “THE CREDIT CARD”!! Best of luck with credit card hunting!! Street: 444 North St City: Bethlehem Province: New York State: New York Zip Code: 10003 Country: US Phone: 13497658989 Website: