Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats

About Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats How is Cross Creek Ranch Meats able to provide top tier premium wagyu meats? It’s a simple recipe including superior Wagyu genetics, a nutritious, pesticide-free grass diet, clean, Colorado snow melted water and happy, calm living conditions. This allows Cross Creek Ranch to produce top tier Wagyu cattle. Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Cross Creek Ranch is home to the highest quality 100% Full Blooded Wagyu, “American Wagyu”, and certified Black Angus cattle in the United States. At 1,300 acres, Cross Creek Ranch allows its cattle ‘room to roam’, ensuring they get the exercise, fresh air, and rest needed to achieve peak health. This level of care results in highly desirable meat cuts that transform any kitchen into a 5-star steakhouse. All Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats are raised in the U.S.A., are USDA inspected for quality and health, and are graded using the MIJ-30 meat grading camera. Their meats attain IMF (Intramuscular Fat) marbling scores of at least 28% on the Japan Meat Grading Authority (JMGA ) grading system - equal to and usually much higher than USDA Prime grade. With proven quality assurance methods and employees who are Beef Quality Assurance certified, Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats cattle and meat products offer the highest level of beef and steak in the food industry.