Crossing Hollow Films

Crossing Hollow Films is a company that seeks to develop good ideas into stories, and cultivate stories into enjoyable and compelling visual entertainment. We are a company that produces dynamic, entertaining, and award-winning content the entire family can watch together. We tell stories that are encouraging, motivating, educational, redemptive, and entertaining. We believe that visual media is the most powerful tool for reaching people in a significant way. We desire to make a contribution for this generation and the next with visual content that teaches sound moral principles in a realistic manner. We recognize that our business requires the energy and talent from a variety of individuals. Filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor, and our company employs a team philosophy that is all about the collective “us”. It’s about those we work with to produce our films, from actors to crew members, all of whom are pouring theirs hearts and souls into each production. We understand that people work best when they share common goals and like-minded values. We envision our company as a place where people can come together, dream, and accomplish those dreams by comfortably and confidently working together. We consider each project to be unique, therefore each project carries its own distinctive signature and personality. The anatomy and chemistry for one project may be quite different from that of another. We recognize this important fact, and are flexible enough to consider working with a variety of talented professionals to produce a broad spectrum of visual entertainment which stretches across different topics and genres.