Crucial Arts Productions, Inc.

Crucial Arts was incorporated in the state of New York as a Not-For-Profit corporation in 1999 and received its retroactive 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status from the Internal Revenue Service in 2000. Crucial Arts is a Registered Charity in New York and has a five-member Board of Directors. In 2007, we received a Certificate of Consent from the Commissioner of Education of the New York State Education Department to implement Arts in Education programs. Our current focus is documentary film. Documentary films have a history of exposing underlying 'truths' to socio-political issues that are usually eye-opening and contrary to common belief. We support Independent Filmmakers by promoting and hosting screenings of their work, as well as being a non-profit fiscal sponsor for their projects. We believe that independent filmmakers need more exposure, better distribution, and non-profit fiscal sponsors they can use for grants, fundraising, and production assistance.