CustomShow is the first software platform to treat presentations as a true marketing and branding channel. Whether you’re a salesperson, marketer, designer or sales manager, CustomShow makes it easier for you to have a greater impact on sales and measure those results. CustomShow improves design, organization, delivery, updating, and security for all presentations across your entire organization. More than just a PowerPoint alternative, CustomShow is a “brand engagement delivery platform” that reaches key customers and clients where you can have the greatest impact and engagement – in the sales meeting. The CustomShow platform is designed for businesses, and is the result of bringing together design, management and cutting-edge cloud technology. Created over 14 years ago, CustomShow continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of business clients and allows companies and organizations to build better, branded presentations. Simplify Your Process. Make an Impact. Deliver Results. Customers include AMC Networks, Vox Media, Discovery Communications, Hearst, Philips, and Western Union among many others. For more information, please visit