D-Central started its Bitcoin activities in 2016. We participated in many public events, offered education and debated with different organizations the importance of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining in Quebec. Our initial mission was decentralization. In 2016, the perception was that still a lot of mining was concentrated in Asia, especially in China. We all know that decentralization is important to prevent certain kinds of attacks. In a wish to make Bitcoin the new global currency, we started a bitcoin mine here in Quebec, taking advantage of our energy abundance and putting our talented Quebecers to work. The Bitcoin industry is in full swing offering all kinds of new opportunities. D-Central strives to seize opportunities that can simplify people’s lives and make adoption of Bitcoin simpler and more widespread. We started from very far, with few means. Our adventure is a testimony of the positive return that a good Bitcoin company brings. Chose us for a passionate team that believes in its product.