Dance school - Le Ballet Theatral de Montreal

The Ballet Théâtral de Montréal (BTM) is really one of a kind dance school as regard its teaching method. True, one might say that all dance school offering styles like classical, modern, jazz or even tap dance pretty much teach the same art form. There are different styles, different teachers but we are all talking about the communication of that art form called dancing. Where the BTM is a truly unique school, is in its mission, its goal and in its teaching approach. Founded by Mme Monique Goyer who’s about to celebrate her 35th year in the field of teaching dance, who’s now authoring an educational manifesto on the art of teaching dance to young dancers, the BTM strives to maintain an environment where it can offer high quality standard training that is aiming at the social, physical, artistic and personal development of the young dancer willing to learn dance. It insists on the importance of permitting each student to understand what he does, so as to allow him to move up the levels, increase his intelligence on the subject, thus, be able to perform well. And so, in the BTM’s classes, happiness, hard work, pride and confidence go hand in hand. The BTM offers initiation to dance classes for the 3 to 5 years old age group, technical preparation to dance classes for the 6 to 11 years old age group and classical, modern, jazz and tap dance classes for adolescent and young adults.