Danusia Bourdon

Danusia believes that every client deserves her time, attention and dedicated service. Danusia founded the criminal defence firm, Bourdon Defence, in order to find like-minded lawyers who would work alongside her, defending the rights of those charged with all types of criminal offences. Danusia understands that when you are charged with a criminal offence, it is just you and your lawyer against the State. The State are the police and Crown Prosecutors – they have infinite resources at their disposal to prosecute you. All you have is your lawyer. If you choose your lawyer wisely, your lawyer is all you need. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Danusia will defend you against any charge you face, such as serious violent offences, homicide, domestic assault, sexual assault, drug offences, internet crime/pornography, impaired driving, dangerous driving, weapons offences, theft, youth charges, etc., and through every step of the process, from your bail hearing, to your first court appearance, through to the completion of your trial. Danusia will also defend you wherever you are charged; Danusia has defended clients in cities and towns across Alberta, as well as clients in B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba. At no point will you feel alone as you face the court and the criminal justice system. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Danusia began her career as a Crown Prosecutor in Calgary, Alberta. She understands the criminal justice system from both sides, as a Prosecutor and a defence lawyer. Danusia has dedicated the majority of her career to being a defence lawyer and is proud to defend clients in all levels of court (Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench, Court of Appeal). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Danusia completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University and then obtained her law degree at the University of Calgary. She is a proud member of the Law Society of Alberta. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WORK EXPERIENCE: Bourdon Defence, Calgary: Since 2017/10 Alberta Impaired Driving Defence, Calgary: DUI Lawyers Canada, Since 2016/01 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION: University of Calgary: LLB, 2017/10 McGill University: B.A, 2017/10 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT: Bourdon Defence, 1100, 633 – 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y5, Canada, Phone: (403) 474-4143, Email: info@bourdondefence.com