Dare to Dream radio

Deborah Dachinger interviews successful and inspirational individuals on “Dare to Dream” a well-known radio program with close to one million listeners on 92.5 KYHY. Deborah recently received the honorary career achievement award from Elite VIP, and is inducated into the W.C. Mepham Who's Who Hall of Fame. “Dare to Dream” is a popular show at the station, characteristic for its insightful guests such as the astronaut, Dr. Eugene Trihn, legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker Jr., world renowned authors, Grammy award winners, Cirque du Soleil, cast leads of popular Broadway musicals, Chinese Qigong master, celebrity private chef, famous radio personalities, American Idol’s top ten, legendary celebrity psychics and healers, celebrated actors and singers, and many memorable others - each guest had a big dream and found the way to make their goal into an impressive reality.