Datafield, Mobile forms and mobile surveys

=== Rated 5 stars and used by thousands of small, medium and large businesses to collect onsite data ==== Datafield enables you to shift from paper-based forms to mobile forms. Create beautiful mobile forms and mobile surveys in seconds and have respondents and field agent instantly and remotely collect the data onsite, even when they are offline. Datafield mobile form builder is great to: - Transform your paper form into mobile forms - Collect customer feedback and customer satisfaction onsite (great for retailers) - Build email signup form and registration form (for check in process) - Complete inspection, checklist and audit for safety, security, facility management or retail audit (mystery shopping) . DATAFIELD KEY FEATURES INCLUDES: - Collect data offline - get your field workers complete their mobile forms and checklists even when they have no internet connexion. - Track GPS Position of respondents - know where your field workers have perform their safety audit or inspection on mobile. Also useful for Mystery shopping control. - Add picture inside your mobile form: get misconception, default, quality check issues directly reported with a pictures of defects. View product positioning for mystery shopping activities - Kiosk mode: get your mobile survey run in loop with smiley question - great for in-shop customer feedback and customer satisfaction collection - Skip logic: smart mobile form builder with advanced conditional branching for simple or complex forms and surveys - Build simple or complex inspection forms and survey: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Text, Date, Time, Yes/No, Gender, Likert, Scale/Rate, Number, Email Address. Great for market research professionals. - Email field for creating signup forms or registration form during trade show, exhibition or any check-in or check out process - Real-time data collection: collected data arrive in real-time and view results instantly in your dashboard then filter out by field workers / mobile respondents - Manage teams of field workers and publish your inspection and quality checklist in real-time. Make them available only once or repeatable in loop / kiosk mode. DATAFIELD EXISTING INTEGRATION: - Create email sign up form or registration form and build you contact emailing list during conference, exhibition or tradeshow then instantly sync your data with your Constant Contact or MailChimp emailing list - Automatically sync pictures collected inside your cloud account. More coming soon. - API - Our API let’s you plug the data collected onsite directly into your information system or third party software. - CSV - simply export collected data to CSV format and play with them as you need **************** 3 simple steps to use Datafield: 1- Compose your forms and survey on 2- Publish them on mobile so your field workers and respondents can process your forms instantly 3- Access data collected in real time on Datafield smart dashboard **************** WHITE LABELLING: You need a branded real time data collection tool or custom kiosk App to collect customer feedback and customer satisfaction or perform onsite audit, inspection and quality control? Contact us at CONCLUSION Datafield real time data collection solution is used for market research, retail audit, safety audit, inspection, quality control, in shop customer feedback, mystery shopping, checklist, audience polling and voting system It is a great addition to CMMS, EAM software, or field sales automation tool.