Giving Restaurants and Franchises options after Covid-19 Most Restaurants, Franchises and other businesses are scrambling. You deserve a round of applause. Running a business can be unpredictable and most of the time, challenging. Cashflow, competition, local brand awareness, and acquiring new customers doesn’t always go your way. But, what if we could make it a little more predictable and easy? You’ve already got the right equipment. It’s been stored up in your website’s closet and piling up in your POS system. It’s your data, of course. It won’t grow mold if you leave it alone, but it could turn into gold with the right tools and strategies and help make your work a lot easier. How exactly? Robert from DataSciencx explained to me how they do it. We take your data and organize it into a hub that’ll increase your business operations and transparency. With a clear snapshot of your business and powered by Zenreach, we use our money to advertise and market you to the right people who will love what you do. At a very reasonable price... it’s free! According to the International Data Corporation, Restaurants and Franchises only analyze 10% of the data they collect. Behind every card swipe at the register and every click on your website is a slew of data waiting to help you make solid business and marketing decisions predictably and easily. Powered by your data and our money, Robert said DataSciencx is a cost-free way to grow your business. Just ask a few of our partners. Robert said he has seen a major uptick in businesses looking at other ways to bounce back. He has helped restaurants increase in sales and increase in online traffic. Now you can streamline your day-to-day operations and grow your business. All with DataSciencx. Learn how can help you and your business. We are hiring and seeking channel partners to expand our footprint and operations.