DDoS Hosting Solutions

DDoS Hosting Solutions, also known as DDHS, has been providing DDoS Protected hosting since 2007. Originally starting with Shared hosting, we rapidly expanded our service catalog. We now provide a wide variety of DDoS Protected services including: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, and our DDHS Guard. We also provide custom solutions for attacks up to 10 Gbps in order to suit the DDoS protection needs of any client. We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable and effective DDoS protected solutions currently available on the market today. Here at DDHS, we recognize the devastating effects that a DDoS attack can have on a business or personal website. A DDoS attack will cause periods of downtime that interrupt daily businesses operations, revenue streams, and will prevent visitors from reaching your website. DDHS will eliminate this downtime that a DDoS attack can cause. DDoS protection is a wise investment many website and business owners are taking advantage of. By being proactive, you will stop a potentially devastating DDoS attack before it even begins.