deAsra Foundation

deAsra is a not-for-profit organisation committed to enabling people to start, manage and grow their business successfully. It offers a platform using which, setting up, managing and growing a business is made simple and entrepreneur friendly through a broad array of services. Each of the services is simplified, tech-enabled, expert-led with customer friendly functionality and convenience. Here are some of the services: Business Planning: It includes the support entrepreneurs need to startup their business including suggestions on product, positioning, pricing, place of business, competition analysis, demand forecasting and financial modeling. Facilitation of Loans: It includes guidance in creating a funding ready proposal as per the requirements of funders. Proposal assessment from funder’s perspective, assist with documentation & help answer any questions that funders may have. Licences & Legal Compliance: It includes providing knowledge about eligibility of licences and legal compliance, guidance in application process, documentation required, penalising factors, and license and registration application services. Improve Business Performance: It includes auditing & suggesting corrective action for small business by tracking 5 key performance indicators – growth in sales, growth in profit margin, cash flow management, asset efficiency and compliance level.