Dekart is a developer of trusted data protection tools that address today's endpoint security challenges. The company is headquartered in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals with an extensive experience in the field of information security. Founded in 1995, Dekart now serves several thousands of businesses and enterprises around the world. Dekart's solutions help you deal with the multiple regulatory compliance issues like Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, by eliminating data and identity theft and providing proper user authentication within the enterprise. These solutions include: hard disk encryption and file encryption, smart card and biometric authentication for Windows, Citrix servers, Lotus Notes and SSH connections, Active Directory, Novell Client. Dekart also delivers SIM and smart card management solutions, being the manufacturer of the world's smallest USB plug-in smart card reader, compatible with all types of smart cards available on the market today.