Dental Implants - Kowhai Dental

Kowhai Dental offers comprehensive dental treatments including dental implants. It is the right solution to your missing tooth, and comfortable to wear, with a natural-looking molar. Their dental implants are titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge into that area. At Kowhai Dental, they examine your qualification for their medication. They see to it that you are capable of their dental implants. With their dedication and compassion to restore your dental condition, you can count on them to deliver your satisfaction from their medical care. Have your appointment with their team, and enjoy their complete facilities. For inquiries, call them at 09-430-0707 or email them at You may also visit their office at 61-65 Maunu Road, Whangarei, Northland, NZ or check their website.